So what to write about. My name is Avishek Majumder. From Kolkata, India.
A mixture of a country boy and a town boy. Born in a village. Grew up in a city.
Sometimes I live in a house in the country, and sometimes I live in a town.
And to survive, I work in an IT Company (unfortunate). A very different environment, my hobby being photography. So created this blog site, somebody give me a job please (ha ha ha). So whenever I get an opportunity, I just move out. In search of peace, in search of green, in search of nice people.
I like listening to music. I love psychedelic rock, grunge and Country/folk music, in whatever language it may be.
Love to watch movies. Specially the Suspense Thriller movies and at times comedy.
Yes, I believe in love.
So this is all about me, my passion.


Avishek Majumder

Keep in touch (whatsapp or text welcome) – 09830403797

Avishek Majumder